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Whether Granite Crushed Stone is Used for Ordinary Concrete?

As for whether granite macadam can be used in ordinary concrete, many customers have different views. Some customers say that granite macadam can be used in concrete. Granite macadam has high strength, generally has no alkali-aggregate reaction, and is a good coarse aggregate material for concrete. Some customers say that granite has high hardness and high strength, and it is difficult to break. The strength of parent rock is much higher than that of cement stone, which is also a bit wasteful for gravel. Is the crushed granite used in concrete?

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Requirements for Stones in Use of Concrete Materials

1. Coarse Aggregate

The stone used in concrete is called coarse aggregate. Coarse aggregate refers to that in concrete, sand, and stone play the role of the skeleton, which is called aggregate or aggregate, and the aggregate with particle size greater than 5mm is called coarse aggregate. There are two kinds of coarse aggregate commonly used in ordinary concrete: gravel and pebble. Crushed stone is made of natural rock, pebble, or mine waste rock through mechanical crushing and screening, and the particle size is greater than 5mm. Pebbles are rock particles with a particle size greater than 5mm, which are formed by natural weathering, water flow transportation, sorting, and accumulation. The pebble and gravel particles with a length greater than 2.4 times the average particle size of the corresponding particle size are needle-shaped particles; Those whose thickness is less than 0.4 times the average particle size are flake particles (the average particle size refers to the average value of the upper and lower limits of the particle size).

2. Technical Requirements for Coarse Aggregate in Concrete Materials

The upper limit of nominal size in coarse aggregate is called the maximum size. When the particle size of aggregate increases, its specific surface area decreases, and the cement content of concrete also decreases. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the technical requirements, the maximum particle size of coarse aggregate should be selected as large as possible. In reinforced concrete works, the particle size of coarse aggregate shall not be greater than 1/4 of the minimum size of the concrete structure section and 3/4 of the minimum clear distance of reinforcement. For concrete solid slabs, the maximum particle size shall not be greater than 1/3 of the slab thickness and shall not exceed 40mm. The gravel used for pumping concrete shall not be greater than 1/3 of the inner diameter of the conveying pipe, and the pebble shall not be greater than 1/2.5 of the inner diameter of the conveying pipe.

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In addition, too many needles and flake particles in the coarse aggregate of needle and flake particles will make the workability of concrete worse and the strength lower, so the content of needle and flake particles in the coarse aggregate should be controlled within a certain range.

Whether Granite Crushed Stone Can be Used for Ordinary Concrete?

Yes. As long as no radiation granite is tested and verified, crushed stone can be produced. Under the condition of reasonable production process, the finished products generally meet the requirements of particle gradation, needle and sheet content, mud content, strength, firmness, and harmful substance content. In addition, compared with some soft rocks, granite crushed stone is stronger and more suitable for configuring high-strength concrete.

If Granite Crushed Stone Used in Concrete, It Needs to Check The Cost

As we all know, granite raw materials have high hardness, and there are certain requirements for processing equipment. From raw materials to stones used for concrete materials, they need to be broken layer by layer. Therefore, the selection of crushing equipment and the cost budget of the complete set of supporting equipment required during crushing has become a concern in the hearts of customers.

For the granite crushing cost, on the one hand, is the granite crusher cost, on the other hand, it is the labor and electricity costs invested in production. In fact, as for the granite crusher investment mentioned above, as long as the crusher with appropriate output is selected to meet the needs of crushing finished products, and the selection of bad equipment is avoided, I believe it will save a lot of capital investment.

Development Direction of Sand and Gravel Aggregate: Granite Materials Will be More and More Useful

Sand and gravel aggregate is the basic raw material for infrastructure construction. It is an indispensable, irreplaceable, and most consumed resource raw material for infrastructure construction such as buildings, roads, bridges, water conservancy, and municipal administration, with an annual consumption of more than 20billion tons. In the new era, sand and gravel aggregates have been widely used in human survival. After four major stages, natural sand and gravel resources in some countries and regions have gradually dried up, and machine-made sand and gravel have begun to develop, and have become the most important building materials in infrastructure construction.

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The granite crushing process is very difficult, and the technical requirements for aggregates in concrete materials are also very high. If the requirements cannot be met, the blind application will seriously affect the project quality. However, according to the current crushing processing technology, we only need to select the appropriate equipment and scheme. 

The common types of granite crushers are jaw crushers, single-cylinder cone crushers, and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. Choosing the right one is the key to your gravel crushing. If you don’t know how to select the crushers, welcome to contact us for a free consulting service.