Eastman Rock Crusher

Eastman Rock Crusher

how much is the mobile coal crusher?


Coal is a kind of solid combustible organic rock. Most of the coal crushing sites have poor transportation conditions. If the coal is mined and shipped out for processing, the transportation cost will increase. The mobile coal crusher can solve this problem well.

The mobile coal crusher is a convenient mobile operation equipment developed according to market needs. This mobile equipment is flexible in combination and has multiple configurations. The mobile carrier can be equipped with jaw crusher, imapct crusher, feeder, vibrating screen and so on equipment to form a coarse and fine crushing and screening system according to actual needs.


types of mobile crusher

Mobile coal crushers can be divided into crawler-type mobile coal crushers and tire-type mobile crushers.

Crawler mobile coal crusher

The maneuverability is more flexible, the unit can be moved independently, and the body structure is modular. Each module can be assembled according to customer needs. The equipment assembly time is short, operation and maintenance are safe and convenient, easy to transport, and high reliability.

Wheeled mobile coal crusher

According to different crushing process requirements, it can be composed of “crushing first and then sieving”, or a “first sieving and then crushing” operation mode. At the same time, crushing and screening can also be used separately, and can be moved and transferred by semi-trailer.

mobile crusher

Performance advantage

▶Can handle dry and wet materials
The high-performance coal crusher has no requirement for water content, can crush high-humidity materials, and crush dry materials with higher yields.

▶Easy to maintain
Centralized lubrication system is adopted, and oil can be filled without stopping the machine. In addition, the hydraulic start of the casing device allows one person to easily open the casing, and maintenance and inspection of parts are very quick and convenient.

▶Low requirements on the workplace
Unit integration. The integrated vehicle-mounted feeder, under-screen belt conveyor, vibrating screen, and crusher integrated with the coal crusher are compact and reasonable in combination and have extremely low requirements on the work site.

▶Adapt to various hard working environments
The mobile coal crusher has a generator set expansion function, a vehicle-mounted motor and a control box are integrated. The equipment can be equipped with a generator set, and it can operate normally even when there is no power or power failure to ensure continuous operation and normal production.

▶Flexible and convenient, strong mobility
The mobile coal crusher can directly enter the site for operation, and has very low requirements on road transportation conditions. It also reduces the cost of transportation of raw materials, thereby saving time and transportation costs, which is energy-saving and high-yield.

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