Eastman Rock Crusher

Eastman Rock Crusher

conveyor belt

[Capacity] 1-1030t/h
[Max length] 30mm
[Power] 5.5-22Kw


Max Length

Conveyor belt is the link equipment connecting crusher, feeder, screen, and so on equipment, to achieve the continuity and automation of production, improve productivity and reduce labor intensity.
transportation and production lines in cement, mining, metallurgy, chemical, foundry, building materials and other industries, as well as production sites such as hydropower stations and ports.
all kinds of soft and medium hard ore, construction waste, tailings, steel slag.

Eastman conveyor belt

multi layer conveyor belt

Customizable multi layers

can be either single conveying, or multiple layers, horizontal or inclined conveying versions.

vibrating feeder motor

Variable frequency motor

adjust the speed, easy to control the amount of feed, don’t need to restart.

Wide applicability

can be used in the range of ambient temperature from -20℃ to +40℃, and the temperature of conveying materials is below 50℃.

High quality rubber belt

Customizable length, thickness and width, high quality rubber belt with good load bearing performance.

conveyor belt working principle

  • First, the weight of the passing material is measured by a weighing scale to determine the weight of the material on the belt, so that the digital speed sensor mounted on the tail continuously measures the running speed of the feeder, and the pulse output of the speed sensor is proportional toThe speed of the feeder;
  • the speed signal and the weight signal are sent to the feeder controller, and the microprocessor in the controller processes it to generate and display the cumulative amount / instantaneous flow.
    The flow is compared with the set flow, and the belt conveyor is controlled by the output signal of the control instrument to achieve the requirements of quantitative feeding.

the belt conveyor used in industries area

conveyor belt gif
sand gravel conveyor belt

structure & parts

Belt conveyors have the advantages of large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, stable conveying, no relative movement of materials and conveying belt, low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, and standardization of components.

Top cover
–Various compounds choices
–Excellent carry side performance
–Anti impact, anti abrasion, and anti tearing.
–Excellent tensile strength in both longitude and latitude directions
–Much lighter in weight comparing with steel and solid woven textile belts
–Provides excellent troughability
–Excellent flexbility
Rubber between piles
–Provides superior adhesion between piles
–Prevents piles from separation
–Provides improved splice efficiency
Bottom cover
–Various compounds choices
–Excellent running side performance
–Anti abrasion, anti tearing

conveyor belt Technical specifications

Max length
Belt width
Upper slope
Drum dia
Roller Dia

Solutions & cases

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