Eastman Rock Crusher

Eastman Rock Crusher

How much is the 50tph glass crusher?


The reuse of discarded glass resources not only saves resources, but also beautifies the environment. The finished products can be widely used in various fields, including construction, chemistry, daily use, etc.
What equipment can break glass? Commonly used are hammer crushers and roll crushers, among which hammer crushers are the most used.

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Recommended models

How much is a glass crusher with an hourly output of 50 tons? A good quality hammer crusher costs USD8,000 to 10,000, and ordinary performance can be purchased at USD4,000 to 5,000. There are differences between different models. The following are two different models of 50 tons per hour glass crusher:

Capacity: 10-60TPH, Main motor power 8P 75KW

Capacity: 20-75TPH, Main motor power 8P 90KW

The above two are models that meet the output of 50 tons per hour. Users can choose according to the motor power and their own needs. Welcome to click on the online consultation, Eastman supports tailor-made, and design more reasonable glass crusher according to your production environment and material requirements.

Performance advantage

Hammer crusher has the characteristics of simple structure and large crushing ratio. It is suitable for coal, cement, building materials and other industries. The following effects can be achieved by using it to crush glass:
▶Small size and low cost: The equipment is small in size, easy to move, and low in price

▶Low power and low energy consumption: The power of the equipment is small. Although the output is not high, it is completely enough for users, with few wearing parts and easy maintenance.

▶Uniform discharging and neat grain shape: using a meshless bottom, there is no requirement for the moisture content of the material, but the discharging particle size is uniform and the grain shape is neat.

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