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Various Fluorite Ore Crushers For You To Choose

Fluorite ore is one of the 20 kinds of important non-metallic mineral raw materials in the world. It is widely used in metallurgy, aluminum smelting, glass, ceramics, cement, chemical industry.
Pure, colorless and transparent fluorite can be used as an optical material, and the brightly colored fluorite can also be used as a raw material for gemstones and arts and crafts carvings. Fluorite ore is also the basic raw material of the fluorine chemical industry, and its products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, refrigeration, medicine, pesticides, anti-corrosion, fire extinguishing, electronics, electricity, machinery and atomic energy and other fields. With the continuous development of science and technology and the national economy, fluorite has become an important mineral raw material in modern industry. Many countries reserve it as an important strategic material, and its application prospects are more and more broad. So for this kind of fluorite ore, what kind of crushing equipment is needed for its crushing?

about fluorite

Fluorite, generally symbiotic with quartz, barite, pyrite, etc., is brittle in texture, high in melting point, non-toxic, and has a variety of bright colors, common ones are purple, green, blue, etc., in chemical, building materials, cement, Glass, ceramics, cast stone and other fields are widely used. Among them, domestic fluorite mines are famous in the world, especially the Wuyi area in Jinhua, Zhejiang, which is also known as the “Hometown of Fluorite”. Due to the very unique chemical properties of the fluorine atom, its use cannot be replaced. Therefore, at the policy level, my country has positioned fluorite as a “valuable resource that can be exhausted and non-renewable”, and fluorite is called “the second rare earth” in the industry.

fluorite ore

The main component of fluorite is calcium fluoride, which can be used as gems and decorations because of its pure texture. The primary fluorite needs to be processed by beneficiation to separate out stones of different tastes, which can be used in different fields. Fluorite mining and processing are inseparable from crushing, and most of them are fluorite crushers.

fluorite crushers

1. Coarse crushing equipment

Jaw crusher – known as “tiger mouth, big steel teeth” can be used as the first choice for coarse crushing of fluorite ore, not only because of its small size, small footprint, convenient use, good overall use effect, but also Has the following advantages:
The jaw crusher has a deep “V” crushing cavity, the material is as large as possible, and the work efficiency is high.
① The production technology is mature, the manufacturing process is exquisite, the equipment life is extended by 2-3 times, and the investment cost is reduced by about 40%;
②The operation is flexible and the operation is stable, the failure rate during the use of the equipment is reduced by more than 60%, and the output is increased by 1.5 times with high energy rate;
③Simple overall structure design, the replacement of each part is very convenient, the maintenance is more convenient, and the pollution such as dust and noise is reduced during operation.

One of the most commonly used stone crushing machines, not only can crush stone, but also crush brittle materials, all kinds of rocks, ores, glass, bricks, tiles, coal, gypsum and other brittle materials can be effectively crushed. Jaw crusher is a general-purpose equipment with many models and reasonable prices, and is well received by many customers.

 2. Fine crushing equipment

Impact crusher-is also a commonly used crusher equipment for fine crushing in fluorite mines. It is composed of frame, rotor, impact plate and other components. The whole machine adopts reasonable design and strong anti-wear ability, which can realize “more crushing and less grinding”, and its performance is relatively Highlighted, with the following details:
①The combination of excellent crushing stroke and rotation speed improves crushing efficiency by about 60%-80%, and the output is simultaneously increased by at least 1 times;
②The new lamination crushing principle design reduces power consumption and energy consumption, and at the same time, the crushed fluorite particles have uniform texture, beautiful grain shape and no excessive crushing;
The impact crusher adopts high-chromium plate hammer, which has strong impact resistance, wear resistance, and increases the service life of the equipment.
③Good environmental adaptability, safe operation and use. The gap between the impact hammer and the impact plate can be adjusted, which can effectively control the particle shape of the product.

Cone Crusher – an advanced hydraulic crusher with high power, large crushing ratio and high productivity. The machine integrates the advanced level of high-energy crusher, which is a perfect combination of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high-performance crushing cavity design. Because of the overload protection device of the cone crusher and its laminated crushing method, the failure rate of the entire production line is low, and the wear rate of its wear parts is slow. Therefore, cone crushers are generally used for crushing production lines that do not require product particle shape.

3. shaped crushing equipment

Hammer crusher-has the distinct advantage of “one-break forming”, and its shape resembles a “big whistle”. It is composed of casing, rotor, hammer head and other components. It mainly relies on the action of impact energy to complete the stone crushing, which can realize the processing of medium crushing, medium fine crushing and fine crushing of fluorite. The specific features are as follows:
①Simple structure, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, good wear resistance of the equipment, reduced wearing parts, and effectively improve the operation stability of the equipment;
②Strong crushing ability and uniform discharge granularity, the granularity of finished stone can be freely adjusted according to customer needs, and the operation is simple and convenient;
③High output and low cost, the structure of the machine body is designed to be sealed, and the bad situation such as dust pollution, excessive noise, and ash leakage from the machine body is reduced, and the green production state is realized.


The above three crushers can be selected according to the actual situation of the customer. Generally speaking, the jaw crusher is basically selected as the primary crushing equipment for the coarse crushing of fluorite ore. The impact crusher can be used as fluorite secondary crushing equipment, that is, the second-stage crushing process. Among them, the cone crusher is used for secondary crushing. Hammer crusher is used for fine crushing and shaping of fluorite ore.

fluorite crushing Plant

1. Coarse crushing: The material is firstly sent to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing operation;
2. Fine crushing: the coarsely crushed materials are sent to a cone crusher or an impact crusher for secondary crushing of the stone;
3. Screening: Configure the number of layers of the vibrating screen according to the size of the required stones. If you need finished stones with two particle sizes, only two layers of the vibrating screen can be configured;
4. Sand making: If sand making is required, then the vibrating screen is equipped with a screen with a higher fineness, and the sand that meets the required particle size can be obtained by passing through it, and then the impurities in the sand are cleaned by the sand washing machine to obtain washed sand.

When choosing fluorite crushing equipment, you should first understand the production scale of the stone crushing production line. According to the actual production needs of users, equipment of different specifications can be configured. The conventional stone crushing production process includes feeding, coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and screening. There are fixed and mobile models to choose from. Eastman Technology has a technical team to provide tailor-made services, welcome online consultation, and get a design plant that suits you free of charge.