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Selection Of Lithium Ore Processing Plant Equipment

With the rapid development of the new energy market, there has been an explosive demand for energy metals. Lithium, as the “new energy metal of the 21st century,” has been pushed to a new peak, and spodumene has become a key development target for investors. Lithium has wide applications in batteries, ceramics, glass, lubricants, refrigeration fluids, and nuclear and optoelectronic industries. For lithium mining manufacturers, lithium mining has high profits. Moreover, it has a wide range of applications in the lithium battery industry, and there will be a great demand for it both now and for a long time.

Lithium ore process

The lithium processing plant equipment includes a jaw crusher, a fine jaw crusher, a storage bin, a ball mill, a hydraulic cyclone, a mixing tank, and a flotation machine. The hydraulic cyclone and ball mill constitute a closed circuit grinding and classification cycle, which improves the efficiency and fineness of classification grinding. After lithium crushing, classification, and separation. It will exert good application value.

  • A jaw crusher is an essential crushing equipment in a lithium processing plant.

It has strong adaptability and is not affected by the hardness, humidity, structure, and other characteristics of the original ore during the crushing process. The failure rate is low, the adaptability is flexible, and it can operate stably under any weather and terrain conditions. It is currently a spodumene crushing equipment with a wide range of applications. This machine has a good crushing effect on the market.

  • In the beneficiation process of lithium, crushing, grinding, and grading refer to reducing the particle size of mineral raw materials.

Processing the particle size to 20-5mm is the crushing process. The corresponding equipment is a stone crusher. The finer crushing operation is grinding. The corresponding equipment is a grinding machine. The operation of controlling the particle size distribution of the final product in conjunction with crushers and grinders is the grading process. The grading equipment work with crushers is the screening machines, and the lithium processing equipment work with mills is the grading machines.

  • Usually, There are crushing and grinding stages in lithium processing plants.

Because it has a situation like beneficiation equipment that cannot crush large blocks of raw ore to the required fineness at one time. The specific selection of crushing and grinding sections is based on the properties of the raw ore, material particle size, product fineness, and equipment type. Each time a material passes through a stone crusher or grinding machine, it is a crushing or grinding section. For each crushing or grinding operation, the ratio of the particle size of the material before and after crushing (the feed particle size to the product particle size) is defined as the crushing ratio or crushing ratio of the crushing or grinding operation in that section. It reflects the degree to which the particle size of the raw coal material (ore) decreases after crushing and grinding process.

Lithium Ore Processing Plant

Selection of lithium ore crushing plant equipment

In nature, lithium does not exist as an elementary substance, but in the form of lithium ores, spodumene, and lithium mica. It usually adopts a series of crushing and separating processes to obtain usable lithium ore with high grades. So, what equipment is good for crushing, grinding, and separating lithium ore?

When crushing lithium ore, it usually uses a jaw crusher (coarse crushing) and a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (medium and fine crushing). During the crushing process, large blocks of lithium ore are crushed into small pieces to meet the particle size requirements of the following process. According to the particle size of crushing, it includes three types: coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing.

Suggestion for selecting lithium ore grinding equipment

 We suggest using a ball mill or vertical mill for grinding lithium ore. By crushing the lithium ore in the previous step, the lithium ore and gangue minerals will separate to obtain particles that match the following beneficiation process.

Suggestion for selecting lithium ore sorting equipment

Lithium ore sorting, also known as lithium ore separation. It refers to adopting a beneficiation method to separate useful minerals from gangue minerals and then enriching them separately. We suggest using an inflatable stirring flotation machine, hydraulic cyclone, and fiberglass spiral chute for sorting equipment. After sorting, we will obtain lithium ore concentrate and tailings.

Principles for selecting lithium processing plant equipment 

  1. High efficiency, low consumption, mature, and reliable products.
  2. Simplify the beneficiation process, select energy-saving and efficient equipment, and facilitate operation.
  3. Similar products should adopt the same model and specification as much as possible while meeting the process requirements, reducing the variety of spare parts to facilitate equipment maintenance.
  4. The model and number of selected equipment should match the entire mineral production line system, with a safety factor reserved, fully considering changes in on-site environmental conditions to facilitate production operations. The principle of equipment selection is advanced, reliable, and economically reasonable.

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