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High Frequency Electromagnetic Vibrating Screen

The GDS series electromagnetic high-frequency vibrating screen is a new screen-surface vibration screening machine. It adopts a new vibration method and transmission principle and utilizes an electromagnetic vibrator to drive the transmission system. So that the transmission system directly vibrates the screen mesh, achieving the goal of improving screening efficiency.


High-frequency electromagnetic vibrating screen has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, high efficiency, low power consumption, small dynamic load, and self-cleaning ability. This screening machine is suitable for dry and wet screening of fine-grained materials, material classification, dewatering, and desliming. The product has various specifications. It has wide applications in building materials, chemical industries, abrasives, mineral processing, coal preparation,  petroleum, light industry, etc. This machine achieves good results in replacing complex flotation equipment in coal processing plants.

System composition

1. Basic equipment configuration

This machine consists of a screen box, frame, feeding box, rubber shock absorber, and microcomputer intelligent variable frequency control cabinet.

2. Complete equipment configuration

In many application scenarios, we need to configure the screening material chute, receiving groove, and screening material funnel. Our factory has already configured the screening material funnel, screening box sealing cover, and others to meet the on-site needs. Our factory doesn’t provide the above components when goods leave the factory. Users can customize them from our factory or configure them themselves when needed.

3. Installation (in conjunction with the installation plan)

Keep it straight
  • Lift the frame, make it straight, connect the horizontal support, and tighten the bolts.
  • Level with a level meter so that the support planes on both sides are in the same horizontal plane. It ensures the screening machine is horizontal along the screen width direction. When adjusting, add a cushion under the rubber spring.
  • It is a modular structure that connects two side frames and crossbeams with bolts according to the corresponding hole positions. The bolts must be tight, and the rack must be square and vertical after assembly. Otherwise, it will affect the frame’s overall stiffness and the screening machine’s effectiveness.
Install the parts  
  • Place four rubber springs in the predetermined positions on the foundation. When lifting the entire machine, place the positioning pipe heads on the four supports at the corners of the box base or frame into the inner holes of the rubber springs. The rubber springs must not be twisted or tilted.
  • After lifting the vibrating screen machine, place the sliding bearing cover on the front and rear support seats. At this time, the sliding bearing does not stationary. When connecting the screen box to the frame, locate the installation position through the tile mounting hole on the frame and tighten the bolts.
Low and lift the machine
  • Lower the sieve machine and find the appropriate angle hole corresponding to the position, then tight the bolts.
  • Lift the feeding box and place the sliding bearing on the support seat of the feeding box. The position does not fix (the sliding bearing can slide freely on the support beam). When connecting the material box to the screening machine, locate the installation position through the tile mounting hole on the screening machine, install it on the screening machine, and tight the bolts.fix
High Frequency Electromagnetic Vibrating Screen

Working principle

  • The vibration system is based on the electromagnetic exciters arranged on the outer side of the screen box. When a changing current passes through the electromagnet, the electromagnet generates mechanical high-frequency alternating magnetism. It attracts or releases the elastic armature and transmission system and then drives the vibration arm arrange below the screen to vibrate. 
  • The vibration arm equip with a rubber cap along the total width of the screen surface, which supports the screen and provides vibration. Every vibration system independently drives the vibrating arm to vibrate the screen, which is adjustable in segments at any time. The screen mesh adopts two end folding hooks and is installed longitudinally with tension. The installation of the screen box needs a certain inclination angle and adjustment. The material does not flow along the screen surface under the self-weight and high-frequency vibration of the screen surface and is layered and transparent.

Technical performance

  • High-frequency vibration of the screen surface.

The sieve box is stationary, and the vibrator fix on the sieve box. The elastic force of the vibrator’s elastic system on the sieve box is balanced with the reaction force of the excitation force, so the sieve box is stationary. The excitation force drives the vibration system to vibrate the screen surface. The design of the vibration system is calculated by theoretical formulas, which achieve the required working parameters with less power.

  • The high-frequency vibration

The high-frequency vibration of the screen surface has an amplitude of 1-2 millimeters and a high vibration intensity. It reaching 8-10 times the gravitational acceleration, which is 2-3 times the vibration of a general vibrating screen. The screen surface has self-cleaning ability, high screening efficiency, and large processing capacity

  • High adaptation

The installation angle of the 3-screen machine is adjustable for adapting to different material ratios and screening operations to achieve better screening results. Experimental results have show that the ideal installation angle for wet screening in mineral gold processing plants is generally within 26 ° ± 5 °.

  • computer programs

It adopts computer programs to control the vibration parameters of multiple screening machines, and the vibration frequency is interchangeable. Under program control, the frequency of 25HZ and 50HZ is interchangeable, and it can also be set as a fixed frequency of 25HZ or 50HZ. In addition, the vibration parameters of each vibration system programm by software. In addition to the vibration number under normal working conditions, there are intermittent instantaneous strong vibrations. It will clean the screen mesh at any time and keep the screen holes unobstructed.

  • Low power consumption

Low power consumption. The active power of each electromagnetic vibrator is only 150. The GDS2024 type electromagnetic high-frequency vibrating screen has an power of only 1.2 kW, making it an energy-saving product.

  • Convenient installation

Due to the screen box is stationary, it is convenient to install a dust cover, a sealed screen on top, a discharge chute under the screen, and a funnel to achieve closed operation for reducing environmental pollution.

  • Feeding and screening

The process includes the stages of feeding and screening, one stage of feeding, and two stages of series screening. The upper and lower stages of the screen respectively lead in and out, combine with the second stage to make up water and slurry, and then screened again, etc. Multiple combinations can be designed flexibly according to the specific site.

Operation and Maintenance


  1. After completing the frequency screen installation, connect the circuit. Then we have the conditions for driving and starting. See the specific operation method in the “User’s Manual for GDS Programmable Series Electromagnetic High-Frequency Screen Microcomputer Intelligent Variable Frequency Control Cabinet”.
  2. Before starting the machine, check for any obstacles that may affect the operation of the screening machine and ensure that all bolts are tight.


  1. After running the screening machine for four hours, all bolts must be tightened again, especially checking the bolts connecting the vibration rod. Check again the tension of the upper and lower screen mesh, and each bolt should be evenly tightened(the screen mesh tension should be moderate, whichever can be pulled flat, excessive tension may cause premature damage to the screen mesh).
  2. After stable operation, we should check the working condition and noise of the electromagnetic vibrating screen host, as well as the temperature rise of the electromagnetic coil. After running for four hours, the coil temperature rise should not exceed 40 ℃. Otherwise, stop immediately for inspection.
  3. The electromagnetic vibrating screen host is started under an empty load and feeds material after operating normally. During the trial operation, add a small amount of material first to distribute the feed along the entire screen surface, and observe the movement of the material on the screen during the screening process. If the material is concentrated on one side, adjust the feeding box and support springs to distribute the material on the sieve surface.


  1. The screening machine strives for stable incoming materials. During work, we can change the amplitude by adjusting the current of each vibrator according to the feeding situation. When stopping the screening machine, stop feeding. After all the materials on the screen surface are discharge, continue to vibrate and clean the screen surface. After cleaning, stop the machine.
  2. After the screening machine is put into production and operation, pay attention to the maintenance, and if there are any problems, deal with them in time.

Protect the sieve and protect it from hitting by iron tools. If there is any damage, repair it in time.

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