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Bentonite Processing Plant And Grinding Machine

Bentonite is a water-based clay mineral composed of montmorillonite, with a Mohs hardness of 1-2. It belongs to non-metallic minerals with a softer texture. Bentonite has multiple uses after processing, especially in the industrial field. With the rapid development of industry, the demand for bentonite in the industrial field is also increasing rapidly. Therefore, investing in bentonite processing plants now has promising prospects. Selecting processing equipment for bentonite is significant, and scientifically and reasonably combining production lines is more conducive to creating high returns.

Bentonite Processing Plant Equipment

Stone crushers are for initial and medium fine crushing. Grinding machines are for preparing finer product particle sizes based on crushing. Here take a look at what equipment is for bentonite processing.

Jaw crusher

It utilizes the principle of extrusion crushing, and crushes large blocks of bentonite raw ore to the required particle size. The jaw crusher has a deep crushing chamber with no dead zone, and the discharge is adjustable.

Cone crusher

As a secondary crushing process, a cone crusher is a better choice. The cone crusher is suitable for crushing fine bentonite and achieve better results.

Impact crusher

The impact crusher is equipment with internal grates and a screening system. Therefore, the processed finished product is cubic and uniform in shape. Its function is to crush the bentonite stone material. Then the crushed materials enter the sand-making machine for sand-making treatment.

Sand-making machine

Because bentonite cannot meet the actual needs of users after rough and fine crushing processing. It will adopt a vertical shaft impact sand-making machine for shaping and sand-making. The final bentonite product reaches 0-5mm.

Raymond grinding machine

It is a grinding equipment for processing bentonite, which largely determines the particle size of the finished product, with a high screening rate and fine particle size of the final product.

Raymond mill

The production process of bentonite processing plant

(1) Dry beneficiation process flow: raw ore – hand selection – preliminary air drying – coarse crushing – drying – grinding – dust collection – classification – packaging – final product.

(2) Wet beneficiation process flow: raw ore – crushing – surface activation pulping – sorting sand – removal classification – dehydration drying – grinding – packaging – final product.

Bentonite grinding machine

The bentonite grinding machine is a mechanical equipment specifically designed for processing bentonite. Due to its wide range of uses, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and small footprint, it has attracted many users to invest and use bentonite grinding machines.

Effect of bentonite grinding powder air separation by Raymond mill
  • After grinding, the Raymond grinder fan blows up the bentonite powder into the main machine shell. Separating the powder by an analyzer above the grinding chamber. Some bentonite materials with coarse fineness fall into the grinding chamber for regrinding. The material’s fineness meets production requirements and enters the cyclone collector with the airflow. After collection, it becomes the finished product.
  • The airflow is returned to the fan by the return air duct at the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The air path circulates and flows under negative pressure. The increased air volume in the circulating air path is discharged through the exhaust gas pipeline between the fan and the host and enters the small cyclone collector for purification treatment. It ensures that Raymond grinding powder reduces environmental pollution during the grinding and processing of bentonite materials.
Performance advantages
  1. The bentonite grinding machine adopts a vertical structure design. The footprint of the entire machine is small, and the maintenance and operation of the equipment are more convenient.
  2. The equipment is developed for the properties of bentonite, with strong processing capacity and high powder production efficiency.
  3. The vulnerable parts are cast with strong wear-resistant materials, resulting in low wear during powder-making operations, long service life of the entire machine, and low cost.
  4. The screening rate of the equipment can reach over 99%, which many devices cannot achieve. The motor power of the equipment is small, resulting in low energy consumption.
  5. Adopting a fully sealed method avoids the dust flying out during the bentonite grinding process and improves the working environment.
  6. The fineness of the bentonite material is adjustable under 400 mesh, which can facilitate the production of high-demand fine powder. It is easy to operate and meet production requirements, reducing investment costs.
  7. The screening rate of the Raymond grinding machine is several times of other grinding equipment, up to 99.9%. It improves the fineness of bentonite materials, reduces material resource waste, and increases production.

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