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Pearlite Sand Production Line Equipment And Process Flow

Pearlite is an acidic karst mineral, non-toxic and odorless, with good fire resistance, sound absorption, chemical stability, etc. After the sand-making equipment process, perlite can applied in various industrial sectors. The perlite sand production line is a specialized sand production line designed for the features of perlite. It will save about 50% to 60% of energy compared to traditional sand production lines. Its production capacity is large, and the sand and stone particle size requires different equipment configurations according to the requirements of sand and stone factory users. It has low cost and good performance and meets the various needs of users. The perlite sand production line has a high degree of automation, convenient operation, a simple sand-making process, and excellent sand products, making it worth to invest.


Application of perlite after sand production

  • Construction industry

The perlite after the sand-making process can be used as aggregate for building concrete. Thermal insulation and sound-absorbing board. Fireproof, antifreeze, radiation-resistant building wall fillers, etc.

  • Gardening

The crushed perlite also improves soil, regulates soil compaction, prevents crop lodging, controls fertilizer efficiency and fertility, and serves as a diluent and carrier for insecticides and herbicides.

perlite sand production line process flow

Equipment configuration

  • GZD1000 * 3600 vibrating feeder
  • PE600 * 900 jaw crusher
  • PF1210 impact crusher
  • Perlite sand-making machine
  • YK1800 * 4800 vibrating screen
  • XS300 sand washing machine.

Process flow

  1. Large pieces of perlite enter the vibrating feeder and uniformly go to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing.
  2. The material from the jaw crusher enters an impact crusher for fine crushing.
  3. The perlite from the impact crusher enters a circular vibrating screen for screening and grading.
  4. The perlite particles that meet the feeding particle size requirements of the sand-making machine enter the sand-making machine for processing. The perlite that does not meet the requirement returns to the impact crusher for re-crushing.
  5. The perlite material from the sand-making machine returns to the circular vibrating screen for re-screening and grading.
  6. The sand that meets the requirements enters the sand washing machine for cleaning.
  7. After cleaning, the final product goes to the finished material pile. The sand that does not meet the requirement returns to the sand-making machine through a belt conveyor for further crushing. It forms a two-stage closed loop until all sand meets the requirements.
Sand production line

Perlite sand production line equipment

The process equipment used in the perlite sand production line includes jaw crushers, impact crushers, sand-making machines, and sand washing machines. The auxiliary equipment includes several vibrating feeders, belt conveyors, vibrating screens, etc. Here is a detailed introduction to these machines.

1. Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is also known as Tiger Mouth due to its deep cavity crushing without dead corners and high crushing strength. It is suitable for rough crushing of large pieces of perlite raw materials. Its specifications and models are diverse, with a large production range ranging from 1 to 800 tons. It meets the different production capacity needs of various customers.

2. Impact crusher

The impact crusher is suitable for the secondary crushing of perlite. It has both crushing and sand-making functions. Users who do not have strict requirements for sand-making products can directly use the impact crusher instead of the sand-making machine.

3. Sand-making machine

The sand-making machine mainly plays a role in perlite finely crushing and shaping. The finished perlite particles produced by the sand-making machine are very good with cubic shape, with no cracks or tension on the surface.

4. Sand washing machine

There are various types of sand washing machines. It includes wheel sand washing machines, spiral sand washing machines, trommel sand washing machines, etc. The function is to improve the cleanliness of finished sand and make it have higher quality. The sand washing machine is not necessary in the perlite sand production line. If the sand content is low or the quality requirements for the finished product are not too high, we can omit this process.

Pearlite grinding equipment

The application of perlite processing equipment Raymond grinding machine.
Pearlite grinding machine has obvious advantages and characteristics of scientific and reasonable structure. With advanced grinding technology, it is widely used in the field of perlite powder grinding processing. Our pendulum mill is a commonly used equipment for processing perlite. The fineness of the finished product is adjustable between 80-400 mesh, which increases the output by 30% -40% compared to traditional grinding machines, and highly reduces energy consumption.

Characteristic and advantages

  1. According to actual production needs, provide professional scheme configuration. So the sand production line runs smoothly, the process flow runs safely, and the output is guaranteed.
  2. It produces multiple specifications of perlite particle size, with good finished product particle size. Its high sand production rate, excellent product quality and price, uniform particle size, and further enhanced application value make it a good market.
  3. The machines adopt wear-resistant materials, and the wearing parts have good abrasion resistance. It requires minimal replacement and low operating costs and does not delay the construction period.
  4. The configured equipment is complete, with good compatibility and reliable performance, making it more durable.
  5. High degree of automation, easy installation, convenient operation and maintenance, and flexible adaptability.
  6. The sand-making process is simple, with high safety during operation, no downtime, vibration, and other faults, and low maintenance costs.
  7. It is equipped with advanced dust collectors and soundproofing devices and achieves the ideal production state of zero dust and zero noise with significant environmental protection effects.

The specific sand production line price will be based on factors such as the production line scale, equipment configuration, production requirements, and finished sand requirements. Eastman is a professional mining equipment manufacturer with 38 years of rich experience in the mining construction industry. We can also provide lab equipment. Welcome to consult our professional team to get factory prices. According to your situation and product requirements, we will design a complete sand-crushing production line flow chart and provide an accurate quotation.