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Construction Brick Slag Crushing And Recycling Plant

Bricks slag refers to the leftover materials or waste bricks during the construction production process. It belongs to a type of construction waste. The construction waste is recyclable, so what is the application of recycled building brick waste?


  • Making sand and gravel aggregates

After the crushing and screening, brick slag becomes sand and gravel aggregates. It has wide applications in construction projects for preparing recycled concrete and mortar.  

  • Filling roadbed

In the process of road construction, it requires a large amount of filling material. However, the traditional method of paving with crushed stones and pebbles is costly. Due to the rapid development of the mining industry, the market supply of pebbles and other materials is in great demand. If we use building brick slag for road construction, it will provide low-cost filling materials for road construction.

  • Making bricks

When brick slag is for producing sand and gravel aggregates or backfill roadbeds, it requires a certain degree of hardness and compressive strength. If the hardness and compressive strength of brick slag are insufficient, it is not suitable for producing building materials.  

Bricks Slag Crushing Process

  1. The above three applications of building brick slag require a crushing and screening process. In the crushing process, jaw crushers are the coarse crushing equipment, and cone crushers or impact crushers are the secondary crushing equipment. Through the combination of this equipment, crush building brick slag into finished products that meet production requirements.
  2. Crushing is the primary processing step of building brick slag. Then the crushed materials enter the vibrating screen for separation, and materials that meet production requirements enter the finished products pile. Materials that do not meet production requirements return to the crushing machine for crushing until they meet production requirements.
  3. In addition, the production line includes vibrating feeders, conveying belts, and other auxiliary equipment. The reasonable configuration of the production line ensures the stable production process of building brick slag.

Brick Slag Crushing And Recycling Plant Equipment

Coarse crushing: jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment in the production line. After construction waste enters the crushing chamber, it is compressed and crushed by the moving and stationary jaws. The final product will get out from the discharge port. The jaw crusher has no dead corners in the crushing chamber, making it less prone to material blockage. It coupled with the flywheel design, makes the machine operate more stable.

Medium crushing: impact crusher/cone crusher

Both impact crushers and cone crushers are two-stage crushers, with the difference being that impact crushers belong to the principle of impact crushing. Its finished particle shape is relatively better, cubic, and has no cracks on the surface, making it more suitable for crushing soft materials. The cone crusher belongs to the principle of extrusion crushing. It is suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness or above with low requirements for particle size.

Vibrating screen

The vibrating screen is suitable for screen out materials of different sizes.

Sand-making machine

The sand-making machine has the function of shaping materials, improving the particle shape of finished products, and has a wide range of uses.

mobile crushing plant

The brick slag crushing and sand making has good development prospects. If you want to invest in brick slag crushing plants, crusher equipment is the key. Currently, there are two main types of equipment available for brick slag crushing: fixed crushers and mobile crushers.

1. Fixed brick slag crushing plant

The fixed bricks slag crushing plant usually includes jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers. The feeding port of the jaw crusher is suitable for crushing large blocks of brick slag. If there is no large brick residue in the raw material block size, crush directly with secondary crushing equipment. The cone crusher and impact crusher are secondary crushing equipment. They are suitable for the intermediate and fine crushing of brick slag after the jaw crusher. A cone crusher is mainly used for crushing high-hardness brick slag, while an impact crusher is for crushing low-hardness brick slag.

Advantages of small fixed bricks slag crushing plant:

  • Low investment cost, small footprint, crush the brick slag to aggregate on site.
  • The construction waste crushers are suitable for complex composition construction waste. Strip steel bars from concrete blocks, and remove the metal with iron removers.
  • The crushing, conveying, and screening equipment are equipped with dust and noise reduction measures and spray equipment, with no dust leakage.

2. Mobile brick slag crushing plant

The mobile brick slag-crushing plant is suitable for dealing with various complex and harsh working environments. The equipment crushes the materials at the site, and after crushing, it can quickly rush to the other work site, saving material transportation time and costs. It is very suitable for crushing brick slag with uneven raw material piles.

The mobile brick slag crusher can be divided into two types based on the different driving devices on the vehicle – track type and wheel type. The track type belongs to a fully automatic control system, which controls the transition through remote control. Wheel type requires semi-trailer head traction.

Advantages of mobile bricks slag crushing plant

  • The bricks slag mobile crushing station integrates crushing, feeding, and screening, with comprehensive functions and high production efficiency. It is flexible to move, meeting the outdoor production needs of many industries.
  • Cost saving and reduced expenses: The brick slag mobile crushing station performs on-site crushing of brick slag, avoiding the turnover of materials, saving transportation costs, and reducing costs.
  • The bricks slag mobile crushing station is equipped with a noise silencer and dust removal system. It reduces noise and environmental pollution during production, which is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, regardless of the configuration of the brick slag crushing plant, there are fixed or mobile crushing plants for choices. These two configurations have different characteristics and application scenarios, and the investment costs and benefits required for production are also different. Eastman is a professional mining equipment manufacturer with 38 years of rich experience in the mining construction industry. We can also provide lab equipment. Welcome to consult our professional team to get factory prices. According to your situation and product requirements, we will design a complete sand-crushing production line flow chart and provide an accurate quotation.