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Gypsum Powder Grinding And Processing Plant Equipment

Gypsum powder is a particle obtained from natural gypsum through crushing, grinding, and calcination. Construction gypsum has wide applications in producing plastering gypsum, gypsum mortar, gypsum wall panels, and ceilings. Decorative sound-absorbing boards, gypsum blocks, and other decorative components are widely used building materials in construction projects.

Gypsum powder is generally white and transparent. It has a wide range of applications with the advantages of good market prospects, simple processing technology, and reasonable prices. In addition, due to its green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and other characteristics, many people invest in gypsum powder production lines.

Gypsum Powder Grinding Equipment

Gypsum powder is formed by a series of treatments on a large bulk of gypsum, with a finished particle size usually around 80-325 mesh. In terms of the entire production process of gypsum grinding, the equipment required mainly includes jaw crushers, Raymond grinders, etc.

1. Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is responsible for the rough crushing processing of gypsum. It uses the principle of extrusion crushing, and the crushing chamber is deep and without dead zones, improving the feeding capacity and output. The processing capacity reaches 2200 tons per hour. It has the advantages of a large feeding port and uniform crushing, laying a foundation for powder grinding treatment. There is a gasket-type discharge port adjustment device for adjusting the discharge particle size.

2. Raymond grinding machine

It is also known as R-type grinding machine. The Raymond mill has the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, uniform finished product fineness, and a screening rate of up to 99%. It adopts a closed gearbox and pulley, with smooth transmission and reliable operation. The feed particle size does not exceed 30mm, and the finished product fineness is about 80-325 mesh.

Raymond grinding mill plant

Gypsum grinding process flow

Step 1: Crush large stones to small stones

The vibrating feeder transports the raw gypsum material to the jaw crusher for crushing. The materials reach the feed fineness of the grinding machine and enter the following process.

Step 2: Grinding small stones to stone powder

Gypsum that meets the requirements for grinding fineness enters the gypsum particle silo by a bucket elevator. Then the ground material is continuously and uniformly fed into the grinding chamber of the Raymond grinding machine through a vibrating feeder for the grinding process.

Step 3:  Stone Powder Grading

The gypsum powder enters the powder screen machine for classification. The unqualified gypsum powder goes back to the Raymond mill for secondary grinding.

Step 4: Calcination of stone powder

Gypsum powder meets the fineness requirement and enters a fluidized bed furnace for calcination treatment. After calcination, the gypsum powder goes to a storage bin to complete the grinding operation of the gypsum.

The production process of gypsum includes three processes: gypsum stone crushing, calcination, and grinding.

  • Firstly, the jaw crusher or impact crusher crushes the gypsum raw ore to around 30 millimeters. Then the crushed materials enter a powder mill for fine grinding. The gypsum powder with the required fineness after grinding will be sent to the rotary kiln for calcination by the powder selection machine. If it does not meet the requirements, it will be returned to the grinding machine for fine grinding until it meets the product particle size before calcination.
  • To stabilize the production and calcination of the gypsum, it will put different grades of gypsum stones to pre-homogenized in a homogenization field. Then, the raw gypsum goes to a jaw crusher through a vibrating feeder, crushed into 10-25mm particle sizes, and then finely crushed through an impact crusher. There are bucket elevators, silos, and feeders that enter the rotary kiln for dehydration and grinding.
  • The construction gypsum powder products processed through ore selection, crushing, grinding, and calcination production lines have good quality. Because of using low-temperature heat sources, gypsum is not easily overheated. As long as the discharge temperature is appropriately under control, the finished product does not contain dihydrate gypsum, anhydrous gypsum is only within 5%, and the rest is hemihydrate gypsum. This composition is ideal, and the physical properties are also stable. This process method has been put into production successfully in various regions in the construction industry such as gypsum board production.

How to choose gypsum grinding equipment?

The gypsum grinding equipment generally produces materials in fineness of 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 400 mesh, or even higher. If it requires 1000 mesh high-fine powder, it will need new high-precision grinding equipment. How to choose grinding equipment?

(1) Collect an analysis and summary of one’s production needs, including what kind of raw materials and finished products are needed, as well as considering the characteristics of one’s mine (such as terrain and climate conditions). Make detailed plans for the production products, scale, and expected benefits in this mine.

(2) Grinding production line and grinding equipment, it is necessary for customers to conduct on-site inspections. You can have a more comprehensive understanding of the grinding equipment that matches your ore type, the basic process flow of ore production, and the approximate model, performance, and specifications of the grinding equipment. Compare the usage range, technical parameters, working environment requirements, and equipment models of different grinding equipment.

(3) Pay attention to collecting feedback on equipment operation. Summarize the possible problems that Raymond grinding equipment may encounter in various stages of production, as well as the issues that should pay attention to frequently. To minimize the occurrence of problems during the operation of one’s equipment. We also need to consult with the grinding equipment manufacturer for daily maintenance of the grinding equipment.

In addition, our gypsum grinding machine equipment includes a trapezoidal grinding machine, a Raymond grinding machine, a high-pressure suspension roller grinding machine, a micro powder grinding machine, etc. Those machines are suitable for gypsum powder processing. Users can also choose suitable grinding machine equipment according to their own needs.

Eastman is a professional mining equipment manufacturer with 38 years of rich experience in the mining construction industry. We can also provide lab equipment. Welcome to consult our professional team to get factory prices. According to your situation and product requirements, we will design a complete sand-crushing production line flow chart and provide an accurate quotation.