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Limestone Crushing And Sand-Making Plant

Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral and a valuable resource. It has wide application in the history of human civilization due to its wide distribution and easy accessibility in nature. As an essential building material with a long mining history, limestone is the raw material for manufacturing cement, aggregates, lime, and calcium carbide in modern industry. With the increasing demand for machine-made sand, limestone sand production also become popular. 

Limestone sand-making plant equipment

The limestone production line consists of the following stages: coarse crushing system, medium crushing system, and fine crushing system. The equipment for the coarse crushing is the jaw crusher, the medium crushing system uses the impact crusher, and the fine crushing system uses the sand-making machine.

1. Jaw crusher

When processing limestone, the jaw crusher completes the crushing operation by squeezing the materials with the moving and fixed jaw plates. The operation is simple, durable, and has high operating performance. The jaw crusher has a complete range of models and high efficiency. The connecting rod bearings, eccentric shaft bearings, and thrust plate elbow of the jaw crusher are lubricated with lubricating oil, making it an economical limestone crusher.

2. Impact crusher

The impact crusher is for the secondary crushing stage of the limestone production line. It achieves fine crushing of the limestone that falls into the crushing chamber under the impact force through the impact plate, plate hammer, and rotor. The feeding port is large, and the production capacity is high. Due to the reliance on the plate hammer and rotor, it is more suitable for crushing limestone powder with low hardness, reducing wear and tear of vulnerable parts. It is convenient to meet the user’s requirements for the finished product particle size by adjusting the gap between the plate hammer and rotor to adjust the discharge particle size.

3. Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher is a crushing processing equipment for limestone. This equipment can replace the rough crushing process of the stone crusher, directly crushing limestone into particles below 25mm. The hammer crusher adopts a dual motor operation, consisting of a plate hammer and a rotor to form a crushing power. Under the driving force of the motor, it rotates at high speed to achieve three-stage crushing of limestone. It is equivalent to a coarse crusher and fine crusher and saves energy. Moreover, the equipment also shapes stones, returning irregular stones to fine crushing and improving the production capacity.

4. Sand Making Machine

sand-making machine, also known as a limestone sand-making machine. It is specialized in crushing limestone into building sand between 1-5mm. Sand-making machines are divided into vertical impact crushers and vertical compound crushers according to different production methods. Vertical impact crushers adopt full center and peripheral feeding methods, allowing limestone to enter the crushing chamber to crush sand. It has the advantage of shaping and sand making, reducing needle-shaped stone materials, ensuring uniform discharge particle size, and better compliance with building sand standards.

Limestone Sand-Making Plant

The limestone sand-making plant process mainly includes three stages: coarse crushing, fine crushing, and sand making. The finished sand and gravel aggregate made of limestone can provide industrial raw materials for industries such as airport construction, water conservancy power stations, tall buildings, concrete mixing plants, etc. It is a short investment cycle with high economic returns.

sand making plant

Limestone Sand Making Plant Flow

  • Limestone enters the primary jaw crusher for coarse crushing.
  • The crushed material enters a belt conveyor and goes to a fine jaw crusher(impact crusher or hammer crusher) for further crushing. After crushing, the material enters a vibrating screen to separate two types of stones. The output material meets the feeding particle size of the sand-making machine and enters the sand-making machine.
  • The material that didn’t meet the particle size requirement returns to the jaw crusher(impact crusher or hammer crusher) for further crushing. The sand from the sand-making machine enters a sand washing machine to get finished sand. Those materials that didn’t meet the sand size will return to the sand-making machine for sand-making.

Equipment Configuration Of Limestone Sand-Making Plant

The equipment for the limestone sand production line mainly includes a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, etc. 

  • The vibrating feeder is responsible for evenly and quantitatively delivering raw materials to the stone crusher. 
  • Jaw crushers (PE, PEX) crush the limestone with larger blocks to a range of 10-400mm, thus meeting the requirements for sand production. 
  • A sand-making machine is suitable for producing and processing the limestone from the crusher, ensuring that the discharge particle size is within the prescribed range of the enterprise. 
  • A circular vibrating screen is for screening the limestone particles after sandmaking. Qualified sand enters the following process, while unqualified ones return to the sand-making machine for sand production. 
  • The sand washing machine effectively removes impurities covering the surface of sand and gravel and damages the water vapor layer that covers the sand particles. It is not only good for dehydration but also has a good function in cleaning.

Investment prospects of limestone sand making plant

  • Limestone is one of the raw materials for producing stone and artificial sand in the sand and gravel aggregate market.
  • Cement market. Generally, limestone can meet the requirements of cement raw materials after crushing and grinding.
  • Machine-made sand has wide applications in the production of machinery manufacturing. According to statistics, big steel companies purchase tens of thousands of tons of casting sand annually, which proves it is a potential market for limestone mines in the metallurgical industry.

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