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Construction Waste Crusher Turns Waste Bricks Into Treasure

In order to improve the situation that there is no place for waste storage, some construction companies started from the perspective of wall material innovation and construction energy conservation, carried out abundant proof and analysis of waste brick-making projects, and set up a new energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials factory with waste brick making technology. After crushing and blasting apart all construction wastes, pressing and molding together with a particular share of cement and other materials to produce various energy-saving and environmental protection bricks. It dramatically improves the situation that construction wastes occupy land and pollute the environment. That saves a lot of ground and energy for urban construction and completes the capitalization and recycling of urban construction wastes. And it has significant social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Using construction waste crushers to dispose of construction waste can turn urban construction dregs into treasures, making construction waste crushers demand urban modernization. The construction waste crusher is no different from the ordinary stone crusher, and the regular sand and stone consumption line equipment can handle the construction waste. Construction waste crusher usually adopts jaw crusherimpact crusherhammer crushercone crusher, and other crushers to form a consumption line, which can crush construction waste into coarse and fine aggregates. After the optimized and strengthened design, the construction waste crusher has higher strength, better performance, and a more compact structure. This product has reliable performance, stability, flexible combination, substantial compliance, easy maintenance, etc. The products can be widely used in the industries of unburned bricks, road foundations, construction, etc., providing a new idea for the city to establish a virtuous circle.

Scope of use

In addition to processing construction waste, the construction waste pulverizer can also pulverize some other raw materials: coal gangue, calcite, granite, dolomite, river pebbles, etc.

Working principle of construction waste crusher

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the construction waste enters the first crushing chamber, collides with the rotor’s blow hammer for crushing, and then enters the second crushing chamber for crushing. During the crushing process, it forms the impact between the construction waste, the blow bars, and the lining plate. At the same time, it completes the stone-to-stone shaping between each blow bar and the crushing cavity. Finally, it is discharged from the discharge port.

Construction waste crusher classification

There is no clear definition of a construction waste crusher in the market. Some think that as long as the crusher can crush and process construction waste, it is classified as construction waste equipment. Strictly speaking, with the continuous development of construction waste treatment technology, the pulverizer that is more suitable for construction waste treatment in the market is a kind of equipment called integrated crushing and screening. It can divide the construction waste crushers into fixed crushing and screening stations, tire mobile crushing and screening stations, and crawler crushing and screening stations.

Advantages of construction waste crushing equipment

  1. The main machine adopts a construction waste crusher, which has a large output, high production efficiency, and can recover costs at a high speed;
  2. It can realize the complete separation of steel bar and concrete;
  3. The recycled aggregate produced is conducive to recycling;
  4. It is more conducive to entering a reasonable construction area, providing more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration for the whole crushing process.
mobile impact crusher plant

Impact Construction Crusher

Working  Principle

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, the construction slag enters the crushing chamber, collides with the rotor’s blow hammer, and then enters the crushing chamber to stop crushing. During the crushing process, it not only constitutes the impact and crushing between the construction slag, the blow bars, and the lining plates but also completes the shaping of the stones that stop between the blow bars and the crushing cavity, discharging them from the discharge port.

Impact Construction Crusher Process

The impact construction crusher process uses special equipment(such as the construction slag crusher, the vibrating screen, and the vibrating feeder) to crush and screen the construction slag. Iron removal equipment process the sorted construction slag to remove iron substances. Then a specific particle size after coarse, medium, and even fine crushing equipment crushed the material. Finally, we get particular particle sizes of recycled sand and gravel aggregates. These sand and gravel aggregates apply to roadbed stones, unburned bricks, cement admixtures, etc. According to the production process of sand and gravel, the concrete, bricks, and rocks in the construction waste are processed and processed to realize the reuse of resources.

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