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Calcite Crushing Machine And Mobile Crusher Plant

Calcite is known as magnesite. It is a common mineral. The chemistry group is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It usually presents a hexagonal crystalline form. It has colors such as white, gray, and yellow. Calcite is widely present in the crust, including sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, and metamorphic rocks. It is an essential source of building materials, industrial raw materials, and decorations.  Due to the wide application of  calcite, more and more people require the calcite crushing machine or mobile crushing plant for processing calcite.


The crushing process of calcite

The raw calcite will first store in a silo. When the crushing processes start, the calcite goes to a vibrating feeder. Then calcite goes to a jaw crusher for coarse crushing. After coarse crushing, transport the crushed material into an impact crusher for medium to fine crushing by belt conveyors. After screening, qualified materials enter the grinding stage or as building production materials. Unqualified materials are going back to the crusher machine for re-crushing.

Calcite Crushing machine

1. Coarse calcite crushing machine – jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is a coarse crushing equipment that has a long history in the crushing industry. It has the following advantages in crushing calcite:

1) The crushing chamber is deep and capable of handling large pieces of calcite. A large jaw crusher can handle 1200 tons of calcite per hour.
2) The crushing method is advanced, and the squeezing crushing way matches the cleavage characteristics of calcite. The crushed calcite has uniform particle size and good particle shape.
3) Long service life, simple structure, few wear parts, and in contact with the jaw plates are made of wear-resistant materials, which are sturdy and durable.

2. Fine calcite crushing machine – impact crusher

The texture of calcite is not particularly hard, and medium crushing impact crusher equipment has the following advantages:

1) Not easily clogged, the impact crusher uses a hammer to crush materials, and there is a screening grate plate underneath, which can handle calcite with high water content without worrying about clogging.

2) There are hardly any vulnerable parts, and the worn parts that directly come into contact with the material are the hammerhead and the lining plate in the crushing chamber. As foreseeable vulnerable parts, during design, it adopts wear-resistant materials, which withstand strong impact and wear during operation.

3) Convenient maintenance, easy replacement of components for impact crushers, and specialized parts replacement tools will shorten maintenance time.

3. Fine calcite crushing machine – hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is a popular crushing equipment in the market, which has the following advantages in crushing calcite:

1) A single molding, heavy hammer crusher can complete the coarse and medium crushing process of calcite with one device, saving the cost of purchasing equipment, simplifying work steps, and reducing working time.
2) The hammer crusher has a small floor area and a simple vertical structure. It has a small floor area and saves factory construction costs.

Mobile crusher plant

  • Small mobile crushers are for processing materials that often require relocation operations in metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, water, and electricity, especially for the operation of mobile stones in highways, railways, water and electricity engineering, etc. Users can adopt various configuration forms based on the type, scale, and requirements of processed raw materials.
  • Mobile crusher plant applies to crushing construction waste, coal gangue, coal, river pebbles, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, etc., especially for material crushing and mobile stone processing that require relocation operations. It has wide applications in fields such as construction waste treatment, sand and gravel yards, mining, concrete mixing stations, dry powder mortar, power plant desulfurization, etc.
  • Application field of mobile crusher plant: mainly used in high-speed railways, airport runways, mines, coal mines, construction, recycling of garbage and construction waste, water and electricity engineering, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, and other operations that require relocation and good mobility.
  • It is suitable for artificial sand production of river pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, and stone chips.
Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile crusher plant provides crushing screening processed sandstone for industries like mining, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy, etc. It can complete crushing and screening work for one time, producing the required material particle size and output for users. We can drive the mobile crusher directly to the sandstone working site. With convenient transfer operations, high screening efficiency, and large production capacity. The belt conveyor adopts full-hydraulic control, with flexible and lightweight folding and contraction in various states, which makes it suitable for operations in complex terrain areas such as narrow venues and urban demolition. During the operation of the mobile crushing plant, the vibrating feeder uniformly transports the materials to the stone crusher. After the primary crushing by the crushing machine, a circular vibrating screen is used to form a recording system to achieve circular crushing of the materials. The finished materials are transported by the conveyor for continuous crushing operations. The mobile jaw crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to real production needs, achieving direct preliminary material crushing. It works with other crushing equipment, making operation convenient and flexible.

Advantages of track-mounted mobile crushing plant:

  1. The environmental protection and energy conservation of mobile crushing plants are prominent features. The comprehensive energy-saving ratio of the entire equipment is over 40%, and the same output can save electricity and fuel.
  2.  The crusher machine adopts a square box crusher, which improves the crushing efficiency, increases production capacity, and reduces equipment wear, making it an ideal crushing production line.
  3. The chassis of the frame is designed to be compact, effectively reducing the transportation length by 30%, and has a flexible parking function to ensure that the equipment can quickly enter the working state.
  4. Free switch The host of the crushing station can be freely switched, better meeting the different personalized needs of customers, achieving multi-purpose, more flexible, and versatile operation and operation.
  5. Adopting a new centralized lubrication system and the same maintenance toolbox design, maintenance is more convenient, saving a lot of labor and time costs.
  6. Strong quality, long lifespan, and strong adaptability to the environment can go to all workplaces regardless of any harsh terrain.
  7. This equipment has the advantages of environmental protection, and mature design methods have created an ideal and green production environment.

Many factors affect the price of calcite processing equipment, and it is common for equipment of similar specifications to have different prices. Eastman is a professional mining equipment manufacturer with 38 years of rich experience in the mining construction industry. We can also provide lab equipment. Welcome to consult our professional team to get factory prices. According to your situation and product requirements, we will design a complete sand-crushing production line flow chart and provide an accurate quotation.