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What Are The Reasons for The Large Vibration Amplitude of Hammer Crusher?

Hammer Crusher is also known as hammer sand making machine. It is generally located at the front end of the crushing production line and are used to crush larger materials. Because of its simple structure, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency, it is widely used in mining, smelting, highway, railway, building materials, water conservancy and other fields and are deeply loved by customers.

The hammer crusher mainly breaks materials by impact. The crushing process is roughly like this. The materials enter the crusher and are crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer head. The crushed materials obtain kinetic energy from the hammer head and rush to the baffle and screen strip in the frame from high speed. At the same time, the materials collide with each other and are broken for many times. The materials smaller than the gap between the screen strips are discharged from the gap, Individual large materials are crushed by the impact, grinding and extrusion of the hammer head again on the screen strip, and the materials are extruded from the gap by the hammer head, so as to obtain the products with the required particle size.

The hammer crusher is mainly used in the underground chute of coal mine, which is used together with the transfer machine to crush large pieces of raw coal and gangue passing through the transfer machine. However, in the process of using the hammer crusher, the overheating problem of the transmission device often occurs. The transmission device is the power component of the hammer crusher. Once there is a problem, the hammer crusher will stop running.

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Reasons for Large Vibration Amplitude of Hammer Crusher

The main components of hammer crusher are hammer head, impact plate, central shaft, support ring and other accessories. During the crushing process, the equipment will produce violent movement in the crushing chamber, and small amplitude vibration is inevitable. Therefore, when the vibration amplitude of the hammer crusher is too large, it is not in line with common sense. When the equipment vibrates too much, we should pay attention to this situation. The occurrence of abnormal vibration indicates that there may be problems with the machine, which will greatly reduce the production efficiency of the jaw crusher, damage the components and reduce the service life. So what is the reason for the large vibration amplitude of the hammer crusher?

1. Whether the foundation is horizontal.

Matters needing attention before installing the hammer crusher: the ground for installing the machine should be kept horizontal, and the foundation should be laid first. If the foundation is uneven, after the hammer crusher is installed and carried out, it will not only cause severe vibration due to uneven foundation, but also threaten the safety of the equipment itself.

2. The main engine and motor are installed with different shafts.

During the installation of the hammer crusher, the installation bearing of the main machine and the motor must be the same bearing. Otherwise, when the crusher works, the motor will not directly drive the main machine, resulting in large vibration amplitude of the equipment as a whole.

3. Deep cavity rotor imbalance.

The rotor of the hammer crusher is composed of the main shaft, hammer frame, hammer head and other parts. The rotor is the core component of the hammer crusher and is easy to wear. If the crusher vibrates greatly during operation, you can check whether it is due to the serious wear of the components of the rotor. If so, the rotor components need to be replaced immediately.

4. Whether the hammer blade is in the same direction.

The hammer piece can be used face to face in the crushing chamber. When the hammer piece is used face to face, if only one of the hammer pieces is replaced, it is easy to cause the weight imbalance of the rotor. Therefore, when the hammer piece is repaired and replaced, it shall be replaced uniformly to avoid the phenomenon of large vibration amplitude of the crusher during crushing operation.

5.  Anchor bolts are loose.

Each crusher will use anchor bolts to fix the equipment, so whether the anchor bolts are loose is the first thing to check when the hammer crusher has a large vibration amplitude. If the anchor bolts are warped or the ground is cracked, please take measures such as tightening or pouring the foundation immediately.

6.Excessive assembly or bearing clearance.

Due to the long running time, the crushing rotor bearing, inner ring and outer ring of gear bearing are squeezed and worn, which weakens the working capacity of the product and increases the gap between connectors, resulting in unstable operation. When reaching a certain speed, the vibration of the crusher will become more intense, and even may cause the hammer crusher to lose balance.The bearing clearance exceeds the limit or has been damaged. To solve these problems, we usually replace the bearing with a new one.

7.The hammer head of crusher is of poor quality.

Due to the uneven structure and strength of the hammer head caused by the poor quality of the crusher hammer head, there will be no non-uniformity at the beginning.However, as time goes on, the uneven wear will be exposed, causing serious vibration and even fracture. Therefore, the protection of the hammer head of the hammer crusher is also very important.

Above listing some reasons for large vibration amplitude of hammer crusher, but they are might be not the total. For some details, you need to consult the manufacturer, so as to better give you analysis and reference.

Whether before, during or after the use of the equipment, all parts of the equipment should be comprehensively inspected to avoid anchoring after work. Such a situation will not only increase the loss of the enterprise, but also reduce the service life of the hammer crusher itself. 

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