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Superfine Grinding – Use & Maintenance

If you want to grind 800 mesh, 1000 mesh and 2000 mesh ultra-fine powder, which kind of mill is more suitable? In the field of ultra-fine powder processing, it seems that there are not many types of mills available. You may hear more about air mill, so in addition to air mill, ultra-fine mill is also more suitable for processing fine powder.

What is Superfine Grinding?

Superfine grinding is also known as superfine mill, which is a kind of Raymond mill. It is widely used in the grinding and processing of mineral products and materials in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and so on. It has many names in the market, such as high-pressure mill, micro powder mill, suspension roller mill, etc. The whole equipment is composed of host, reducer, analyzer, pipeline device, blower, dust collector, etc. The specific grinding device mainly includes two parts: grinding roller and grinding ring. The main engine motor drives the main shaft and each layer of rotary table to rotate through the reducer. The rotary table drives dozens of ring rollers to roll and rotate in the grinding ring raceway through the column pin. The materials are sent into the grinding bin, scattered around the circle under the action of centrifugal force, fall into the raceway of the grinding ring, and are crushed by ring roller stamping, rolling and grinding.

What Kind of Material is Superfine Grinding Suitable for Processing?

Superfine grinding is suitable for processing materials with humidity below 6% and hardness no more than 9.3. The fineness of processed products can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 325-3250 mesh, and the fineness can reach 3250 mesh.

The common grinding materials for ultra-fine grinding mainly include kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, clay and other non flammable and explosive materials with humidity less than 6% and Mohs hardness below 9. The machine can achieve ultrafine powder with average particle size less than 6.5um at one time directly from the feed particle size below 20mm. It is generally classified and named according to the fineness of the ground materials and the fineness of the discharged materials.

What are the Characteristics of Superfine Grinding? Which is Better Than Air Flow Mill?

As an ultra-fine grinding equipment, ultra-fine grinding has the following characteristics:

  1. Compared with air flow mill, it has a wider application range.
  2. Compared with other similar mills, the grinding roller has stronger grinding pressure on materials.
  3. Energy saving. When the output and fineness are the same, the energy consumption of the system is only one third of that of the air mill.
  4. Small investment and high income. When the output and fineness are the same, the price is only one eighth of that of air mill.
  5. Large grinding ratio. The particle size of the feed below 20mm can reach the discharge particle size of 6.5um at one time.
  6. Good environmental protection. There are multi-stage sealing devices with good sealing performance and dust removal device to ensure that the dust removal effect meets the national emission standard.
Superfine Grinding

What are the Common Accessories of Superfine Grinding?

  1. Grinding roller and ring
    In the ultra-fine powder mill, the grinding roller and grinding ring are the main grinding parts and one of the parts that are easy to be damaged. Generally, the material of grinding roller and ring is high manganese steel wear-resistant material. However, due to the high hardness of the materials ground by the ultra-fine powder mill, with the operation of the equipment, the strong external force threatens the service life of the grinding roller and ring. These parts usually need to be repaired and replaced regularly to ensure the smooth progress of the grinding operation.
  1. Blade
    When the superfine powder mill grinds and makes powder, the blade is the main carrier of materials. It scoops up the material entering the grinding chamber and throws it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring according to a certain angle. It is one of the components in direct contact with the material. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of grinding equipment, the blade is generally required to have strong wear resistance.
  1. Transmission
    Bevel gear transmission device is a major feature of ultra-fine powder mill. Generally, bevel gear is the channel of kinetic energy transmission of the whole machine, and its transmission effect directly affects the production results of grinding equipment. Therefore, the requirements of bevel gear transmission for lubrication are quite strict.
  1. Grinding roller shaft and bearing
    The grinding roller shaft and bearing connected between the grinding roller and the plum blossom frame are also important transmission devices. In the process of superfine powder grinding machine, if the use method of the equipment is improper, or the superfine powder grinding machine is overloaded for a long time, and the lubricating oil at the bearing is missing, it is easy to lock the whole machine.
  1. Analysis of fan and fan blades
    Blades are installed inside the analyzer and fan of the ultra-fine powder mill, which plays a certain role in rotary powder selection for the milling operation. Although these parts are not easy to wear, they will be damaged to varying degrees with the extension of working time, affecting the grinding effect. Therefore, the blades of analyzer and fan also need to be overhauled and updated regularly.

Installation and Maintenance of Superfine Mill

Machine maintenance is an extremely important and regular work. It should be closely coordinated with operation and overhaul, and full-time personnel should be on duty for inspection.

Maintenance of Superfine Grinding Parts

  1. Bearing
    The bearing of the crusher bears all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good. The main oil injection places of the machine: (1) Rotating bearing (2) roll bearing (3) all gears (4) movable bearing and sliding plane.
  2. Newly installed tires are easy to loosen and must be checked frequently.
  3. Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine work normally.
  4. Pay attention to check the wear degree of easily worn parts and replace worn parts at any time.
  5. Dust and other objects shall be removed from the underframe plane of the movable device to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the underframe when the machine encounters unbreakable materials, resulting in serious accidents.
  6. If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate the cause.
  7. If there is an impact sound when the rotating gear is running, stop the machine immediately for inspection and eliminate it.

Installation and Commissioning of Superfine Mill

  1. The equipment shall be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.
  2. During installation, pay attention to the verticality between the main body and the horizontal.
  3. After installation, check whether the bolts at all parts are loose and whether the main engine compartment door is fastened. If so, tighten it.
  4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment.
  5. After inspection, carry out no-load test run. Production can be carried out after the test run is normal.

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