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How to Reduce The Loss of Fine Sand


With the flow of water, wet sand washing will inevitably lead to the loss of fine sand. According to statistics, each production line will lose 5%-25% of the sand. This article shares four recycling methods to help reduce the loss of fine sand.

types of sand washing machine

bucket type & spiral type sand washing machine

1. Bucket sand washing machine is widely used in the washing of materials in the fields of mining, building materials, chemical industry, transportation, concrete mixing plant and so on.
2. Spiral sand washing machine uses the propelling action of spiral blades to clean the soil. Compared with the wheel sand washing machine, the spiral sand washing machine has a higher cleaning degree.

But no matter what kind of sand washing machine, in the process of stirring, most of the sand will inevitably be taken up and flowed away in the sink, causing loss.


Four methods of fine sand recovery

1. Multi-stage sedimentation tank
The sand washing wastewater flows into the sedimentation tank, and it is best to equip with 3 layers. Because the sand has a heavier specific gravity, the sand can be separated by layer by layer precipitation.
Disadvantages: the long-term sedimentation process occupies a large area of sedimentation tank, and the sedimentation sand needs to be manually excavated later, which consumes more time and manpower.

2. Equipped with dewatering screen equipment
The sand washing wastewater is directly discharged to the surface of the linear dewatering screen to recover the lost sand.
Disadvantages: If there is too much mud, it will be a mixture of mud and sand instead of clean fine sand.

3. Fine sand recovery machine device

The waste water from sand washing is directly discharged to the lower water tank part of the fine sand collector, and the mixed sand and muddy water is pumped to the cyclone separator by a slurry pump and then discharged onto the screen surface. The fine sand part is discharged along the screen surface.

The configuration of fine sand recovery device is the most used fine sand recovery method.

4. Add chemical agents

Discharge the lost sand and water into the sink, and add a chemical agent that can cause the mud and sand to quickly condense into flocs, so as to achieve rapid separation of sand and water.
This method is mostly used in the coal preparation industry for the recovery and use of refined coal and fine coal. The use in sand and gravel yard has certain limitations and cannot be popularized temporarily.

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