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How Does A River Pebble Sand-Making Plant Process?

Pebble is a natural mineral resource and an indispensable aggregate material for construction and infrastructure. It has high hardness and good color. The natural river pebble resources are abundant and have high utilization value. The amount of sand made from river pebbles keeps increasing. The river pebbles-making sand has wide applications in fields such as roads and building materials. Mining sand and gravel is gradually developing towards scale, production, and environmental protection, and mining machine-made sand is becoming increasingly important. Many investors have seen business opportunities in the process of river pebble sand, and more and more people are joining this business. How does a river pebble sand-making plant process?

River Pebble Sand Making Plant

River Pebble Sand Making Plant Process

There are many types of equipment for river pebble sand production, including jaw crushers, cone crushers, sand-making machines, and supporting feeding, screening, and conveying equipment. It chooses processing equipment based on requirements such as raw material hardness, production capacity, and finished sand specifications. The river pebble sand-making plant adopts the configuration principle of more crushing and less grinding, with high work efficiency and good discharge material. It produces clean sand materials quickly with sand-washing equipment.

The specific sand-making process of the river pebble sand-making plant is as follows:

  • The vibrating feeder feeds the material into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing – secondary crushing by the impact crusher – shaping and sand making by the river stone sand-making machine – screening of sand and stone materials that do not meet the particle size requirements by the vibrating screen – clean and wash sand and stone materials by the sand washing machine to maintain the cleanliness of the sand and stone.
  • This sand-making plant adopts many belt conveyors for connecting machines to work together, and the entire sand production process will be closed-loop. The production meets the requirements. If the hardness of the materials for sand production is relatively high, we can use a cone crusher instead of an impact crusher to achieve the re-crushing of coarse ore particles from the jaw crusher.
  • The sand-making process of the river pebble sand-making machine is connected to the VSI sand-making machine by a belt conveyor. The entire sand-making production process is closed-loop, and the production meets the requirements.  

Mobile River Pebble Sand-Making Plant

The river pebble sand-making plant-produced sand has the advantages of uniform particle size, good particle shape, and high compressive strength, which better meet the requirements of standard building sand than natural sand.

There are two types of river pebble sand-making plants, fixed and mobile crushing plants. The fixed-type crushing plant cannot move, and the mobile crushing plants are movable. Mobile river pebble sand-making plants are more suitable for sand-making production sites, such as unfixed sites, irregular transitions, and small work sites. We can drive this crushing plant directly to the production site for operation, even in harsh processing environments. It has the advantages of good overall coordination and cooperation, high production efficiency, reasonable and compact structure, and small footprint, and saves transportation, labor, and transportation costs. The finished sand product has excellent performance and is suitable for sand-making treatment of various materials.

Mobile river pebble sand-making plant, also famous for mobile river pebble sand-making machine, is a mechanical equipment used for river pebble sand making. A mobile sand-making plant achieves feeding, sand-making, screening, and transportation by a single machine. This crushing plant makes the completion of sand-making work high. In the future, it will replace traditional fixed production lines.

Mobile River Pebble Sand Making Process

  1. The raw material of river pebbles is about 30 centimeters. Put these materials into the primary jaw crusher for a coarse crushing process.
  2. Send a crushed material from the jaw crusher through a conveyor belt to a fine crusher (impact crusher or cone crusher) for further crushing into several centimeters of material, and the vibrating screen will screen out the sand and stone.  
  3. The finished product from the second crusher is less than 5cm, and some materials that do not meet the size return to the crusher for further crushing. Qualified pebble sand goes to a VSI sand-making machine to crush pebbles into less than 5mm (the discharge port is adjustable). After the sand-washing process, they become the final sand.

Equipment advantages

  1. Strong mobility

Unlike traditional fixed river pebble sand-making plant, all components of this mobile sand-making machine will be installed on an independent steel frame, with a short wheelbase and a small turning radius. We can drive this machine flexibly on ordinary highways, even in some harsh working areas. It facilitates entering reasonable construction areas and saves preparation time for quick entry to construction sites.

  1. Low investment in operating costs

The mobile sand-making plant, in the form of an integrated installation group, eliminates the complex site infrastructure installation work of the separated components and reduces the consumption of materials and labor hours. In addition, the machine also directly reaches the sand-making site to complete the on-site sand-making process of river pebbles, without removing materials from the site for further processing, which reduces the transportation cost of materials. Therefore, compared to traditional sand-making machines that require fixed installation by piling, The operating costs of this type of mobile sand-making machine are lower.

  1. Wider application range

The mobile river pebble sand-making plant meets the production needs of fixed sand-making, which is suitable for construction environments with high mobility that require migration in some harsh environments. In addition to existing models, the mobile sand-making machine provides more flexible process configurations according to customers’ material types and product requirements to meet the different production needs of various users.

  1. Good finished sand and stone products

The mobile river pebble sand-making plant is a large-scale combined crushing and sand-making equipment composed of multiple sand-making equipment, which completes the coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing processing of various sand and stone materials in one go. The sand and stone material that goes through the sand-making process will get an excellent particle shape and completely replace natural sand and stone for current construction production operations.

150tph Mobile River Pebble Sand Making Plant

Mobile Sand Making Plant
  • This setup is a combined mobile crushing plant that includes a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, VSI sand maker, and belt conveyor on the first mobile chassis, and there’s a Symons cone crusher, circle vibrating screen, and belt conveyors on the second mobile chassis.
  • The excavator unloads stones to the vibrating feeder, and the vibrating feeder feeds them evenly to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. The output from the jaw crusher is transported away by a bottom belt conveyor and connected with another belt conveyor to the circular vibrating screen, the oversized materials will go to the Symons cone crusher for crushing to smaller particles, and the output from the Symons cone crusher goes to the VSI sand maker for sand producing, the materials from VSI sand making machine falls to the bottom belt conveyor and form a production circle.
  • This crushing plant is very suitable for sand making and aggregate making with a capacity of 50 TPH, 100 TPH,150 TPH, etc.

When designing the sand production line, we will provide the flow chart and equipment configuration based on the customer’s requirements for stone properties, production capacity, finished material usage, and construction site conditions. Eastman is a professional mining equipment manufacturer with 38 years of rich experience in the mining construction industry. Welcome to consult our professional team to get factory prices. According to your situation and product requirements, we will design a complete sand-crushing production line flow chart and provide an accurate quotation.