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Eastman Rock Crusher

Hammerheads of Crusher: Types, Selection and Customization

In our practical application, the crusher hammer head must be used for crushing materials. The crusher hammerhead is a vulnerable part, which is closely related to the crushing equipment. Therefore, the wear resistance of hammerhead is directly related to the working efficiency of crushing equipment. So, what are the materials of the crusher? How to choose is what we need to consider. If you don’t know, let’s find out.

hammer heads

5 Types of Common Hammer Heads

1. Forging hammerhead
The forged hammerhead is suitable for crushing pebbles, coal gangue, limestone, etc. The forging crusher hammerhead is made of high-quality train wheel hub steel 65Mn, which has good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance, and is not easy to break. The metal blank is repeatedly forged by forging machinery to make it deformed to obtain a certain mechanical property, certain shape, and size. After special quenching heat treatment, the working area of the hammerhead is guaranteed to obtain high hardness, High wear resistance. Forging hammerhead is favored by the majority of users because of its low price, economy, and durability.

2. Bimetallic composite hammerhead
Bimetallic composite hammer is a kind of nanomaterial widely used in daily applications. The hammerhead produced by bimetallic thermal composites has a longer service effect than high manganese series materials. It is especially suitable for the hammerhead of large crusher, plate hammer, and lining plate of large ball mill, especially in the environment with harsh industrial and mining conditions. It is used in limestone, cement clinker, iron ore, sandstone, coal gangue, basalt, etc.

3. High manganese steel hammerhead
High manganese steel refers to high alloy steel with a manganese content of more than 10%. High manganese steel is characterized by: the greater the external compressive stress or impact load, it is conducive to the formation of a hardened layer on the surface, so the higher the wear resistance of castings; With the gradual wear of the case hardening layer, new work hardening layer will continue to form under the action of external compressive stress or impact load. Therefore, it is suitable for making wear-resistant spare parts that can withstand the wear of high-impact load materials for a long time. It is widely used in grinding equipment such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, railway, electric power, coal, and so on.

4. High chromium cast iron hammerhead
After proper alloying and relevant process measures, the hardness of the whole section can reach more than 58hrc, and the hardness and high wear resistance will be guaranteed in the wear process.

5. High chromium alloy hammerhead
High chromium alloy hammerhead has high hardness and is a high-quality wear-resistant material, which has been widely used in hammer crushers. After heat treatment, the hardness of high chromium cast iron can reach more than 58hrc, the matrix is martensite with high hardness, and the structure contains a large amount of high hardness carbide M7C3. It is considered to be a good wear-resistant material for crusher hammers.

Alloy hammerhead, high manganese steel hammerhead, and forging hammerhead are only the differences in production process and material. The production process level is higher and the material is more wear-resistant. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer can not only save intermediate costs but also improve the output of hammerhead, avoid frequent shutdown maintenance and reduce crushing costs.

What parameters are needed to customize the hammerhead?

The customized crusher hammer only needs to measure several dimensions of the hammer:

  1. Hole size
  2. Height from center to bottom
  3. Width of working face of hammerhead
  4. The thickness of the hammer handle
  5. The thickness of the working face of the hammerhead
hammerhead parameters

With these parameters, the model can be made and the weight can be calculated. For the alloy hammer produced by EPC hot composite casting, the problem of counterweight basically does not need to be considered during installation, because it is computer mold opening, there is no deviation in accuracy, and the weight is well controlled. It can be installed directly.

The thermal composite process also ensures the hardness and toughness of the hammer head and handle. The added wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life.

Even users who want to order but do not have the size or do not know how to measure can also order hammers suitable for their own equipment by sending samples.

4 Tips for The Selection of Hammerhead

  1. Look at the manufacturing process of hammerhead
    The casting process of the hammerhead of the compound crusher is mainly reflected in whether the casting method of the hammerhead meets the quality inspection standards, whether the appearance is deformed or convex-concave, and whether the surface is rough. Therefore, before you buy, you must ask the manufacturer what process is used for the alloy hammer of the company.
  2. Look at the structural design of the hammerhead
    If the structural design of the hammerhead is unreasonable, the wear of the hammerhead will be accelerated. The hammer structure produced by good hammer manufacturers mostly adopts a composite structure, which is more conducive to the crushing operation of the hammer, improves the R & D efficiency, and reduces the wearing frequency of the hammer.
  3. Look at the hammer model
    There are three types of compound crusher hammers, including light hammers, medium hammers, and heavy hammers. These three hammers are mainly divided according to the weight of the hammers. Consumers should choose according to the actual crusher model. They cannot blindly believe that the heavier the hammers, the higher the production efficiency. This is unscientific.
  4. Look at the brand.
    Good brand crusher hammers are more guaranteed in quality.

There are many materials of crusher hammerhead, and the advantages and disadvantages of different materials are also different. In addition to the above selection skills, we should also pay attention to the use of hammerhead of hammer crusher and make a reasonable selection, so as to buy a satisfactory good hammerhead.