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Eastman Rock Crusher

How to Configure Medium and Large Quarries?

The growing trend of medium and large quarries means that the demand for medium and large equipment will increase day by day. So how to configure medium and large quarries? Let’s introduce it below.

What is the Prospect of Medium and Large Quarries?

Why do medium and large quarries become a trend?

On the one hand, it is caused by market demand. With the increase in infrastructure demand, the demand for sand and gravel materials is increasing day by day. On the other hand, the investment profit rate of medium and large quarries is high.

As the development of machine-made sand and gravel is getting better and better, many investors have paid attention to the industry of stone crushing equipment in quarries, and many users want to know which equipment is generally used. The mining and processing methods of the quarry are gradually transforming to refinement and intensive processing. Although the previous extensive processing methods have brought economic development, the ore resources are seriously wasted and cannot be fully utilized, which also affects the environment to a certain extent. As the construction of high-speed railways, highways, bridges, and highways continues to increase, the demand for stones and sand has also increased. Broken stones in a quarry are generally processed into stones, sand, etc. The process is not completed by one device, and multiple devices are required to cooperate with each other, so let’s briefly understand which devices are needed.

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What Equipment Are Used in Medium And Large Quarries?

When investing in a quarry, the choice of equipment is particularly important. The right configuration can save costs.

The equipment required for sand and gravel processing mainly includes crusher, sand making machine, screening equipment, and conveying equipment. According to a complete set of sand and gravel production line, the specific equipment included: jaw crusher, counter-attack crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor, feeder, etc. Both counter-attack crushing and cone crushing can be used as secondary crushing equipment. Which one to choose depends on the hardness and particle size of the stone we process.

There are many types of equipment used for crushing stones in quarries, and they are divided into many types due to different crushing principles and different degrees of crushing. When rough crushing the stone, a jaw crusher can be selected, and the crawler mobile jaw crushing station is a curved extrusion type. These two types of equipment are often used for one-stage crushing equipment. The jaw crusher has a strong crushing force on the stone, and the crushing is more complete. The coarse crushing material is generally larger in size, and the jaw crushing and hammer crushing feeding devices are advanced. Strong adaptability, larger processing capacity when crushing stones. Suitable occasions: sand and gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand. Crush various materials whose compressive strength does not exceed 320 MPa.

Cone crusherhas a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing of various ores and rocks. It is mainly used in the field of fine crushing. In the production of sand and gravel, according to different stone qualities and finished products, the mobile cone crushing station is used to replace the impact crusher to produce higher hardness and finer-grained sand and gravel products. If you need sand less than 5 mm, the vertical shaft sand-making machine can meet you. After the material is first crushed by the crusher, the sand-making machine can crush the stone again and break it into fine sand. The vibrating screen is divided into the upper vibrating screen and middle vibrating screen. After the material is crushed, there are different particle sizes, and the required stone specifications are sieved through the vibrating screen.

How to Choose Medium And Large Quarry Equipment And Models?

Crushers and sand making machines are the main equipment in medium and large quarries. The selection of the two should pay attention to the following points:

  • The type and hardness of the stone|
    The hardness of the stone is directly related to the brittleness of the stone. Generally, the higher the hardness, the harder the material, the greater the difficulty of crushing, and the higher the requirements for equipment. Different stones have different hardness.
  • Incoming and discharging particle size requirements
    The granularity of the incoming and outgoing materials determines the crushing ratio. If the granularity of our raw materials is high, the crushing ratio of the crusher is required to be high, and the corresponding production efficiency is reduced. At the same time, if the feed size is large and the output size is small, two or more stages of crushing are generally required.
  • Capacity requirements
    Different output requirements, different types and models of equipment used. Generally, the higher the output, the larger the equipment model.

The types and models of equipment used in medium and large quarries are diverse, and how to choose is a professional issue. We need to understand more and compare more, so that we can choose more reasonable, more cost-effective, and more suitable equipment for us. If you want to invest in a mining quarry crushing production line and you have many doubts, don’t worry, contact eastmancrushing to answer them one by one. Don’t miss the opportunity to make money. I believe you will gain something. The company has a rich product system. Crawler mobile jaw crushing station, crawler mobile cone crushing station, crawler mobile counterattack crushing station, crawler mobile screening station, crawler mobile sand making station, and other products. The comprehensive performance is outstanding, the combination is flexible, the production capacity is stable, and the work is continuous.