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Eastman Rock Crusher

How is The Environmental Protection and Energy Saving of The Sand-making Machine?

Today’s sand and gravel plants are inseparable from this demand for environmental protection. In the environmentally friendly production process, not only must be satisfied from the production process, but also from the equipment configuration and the equipment itself. As a common equipment for sand and gravel production, the environmental protection and energy saving of sand making machines are also the focus of our concern. So which kind of sand making machine is environmentally friendly and energy-saving?

What are the types of sand making machines?

Common sand-making machines on the market mainly include hammer sand-making machines, roll sand-making machines, vertical impact crushers, mobile sand-making machines, hydraulic open-box sand-making machines, impact sand-making machines, Rod mill type sand-making machines, etc.


1. Horizontal hammer sand making machine

Horizontal hammer sand-making machines are mainly PX high-efficiency fine crushers (split hammer structure) and sand blowers (integral hammer structure).

The hammerhead and hammer handle of the high-efficiency fine crusher is of a separate structure. The hammerhead is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the hammerhead has a long life. The replacement of the hammerhead is more convenient. The bottom has a sieve plate structure, which can achieve effective abrasion and improve the efficiency of sand making.
The hammerhead of the sand beater is an integral structure, and the hammerhead is directly connected to the rotor through the rod. Due to this structure, the hammerhead will generate greater force after the crushing process, so the material hardness of the hammerhead is low, so the wear resistance of the hammerhead is weak. The Courage Sand Blower is simple in structure and low in price. It is an option for small workplaces.


2. Vertical shaft hammer sand making machine

The vertical shaft hammer crusher, which can also be used as a sand-making machine. This type of equipment has no bottom sieve plate, and there is no blockage. The hammerhead is an integral structure and is connected to the rotor through a through the rod.


3. Vertical shaft impact sand making machine

Vertical shaft impact sand making machine is divided into open rotor structure and closed rotor structure according to the structure of the rotor. Closed rotor structure, the rotor is arranged in a cage, the material falls from the top into the closed rotor and is thrown out at high speed.  Open rotor structure, the rotor has an open structure. After the material falls into the rotor, it is beaten out by the throwing hammer.


4. Roller sand making machine

In the field of small-capacity sand making, roller crushers are used as sand-making machines, and there are also some applications. However, the reliability of the roller sand-making machine is poor in the long-term use process, the failure rate of the equipment is high, and the repair and maintenance are more difficult. Therefore, for materials with a certain degree of hardness and high abrasiveness, avoid the use of roller crushers as much as possible.


5. VSI series sand making machine

VSI series sand making machine is the first impact sand making machine that adopts hydraulic start, which can save energy by 50% compared with traditional sand making machine. It can make all kinds of rocks, sandstones, and river pebbles into construction sand with various particle sizes. The sand has a uniform density and high compressive strength. It is far more suitable for construction than natural sand and sand produced by ordinary hammer sanders. Requirements, it can improve the quality of construction. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation, and high work efficiency.
VSI sand-making machine is the latest design result of authoritative German experts in combination with China’s working conditions. The machine inherits the innovative crushing concept of the impact sand making machine, uses advanced selective crushing and cleavage crushing principles, directly applies sufficient kinetic energy to the material, and converts the kinetic energy into the crushing energy required to overcome the material through impact and crush. The material basically breaks along its natural texture surface and cleavage surface, with good grain shape and low self-consumption, which is more in line with the requirements of construction, high-grade highways, railways, water conservancy, hydropower, and other engineering projects for machine-made sand and gravel materials.

VSI Sand Making Machine

6. Rod Mill Sand Making Machine

It is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving crushed stone sand-making equipment, which can save 50% more energy than traditional sand-making machines. It is mainly used to make abrasives, refractory materials, cement, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, and iron. Processing of ore, gold ore, concrete aggregates, asphalt aggregates and other hard and brittle materials, feldspar, quartz, river pebbles, and other ore materials for processing fine and medium crushing; the cylinder rotates at a certain speed, and the grinding body is rubbing Under the action of force and centrifugal force, it rises to a certain height and is thrown down so that the material is impacted and rubbed to achieve the purpose of sand making.

Which kind of sand making machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly?

In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, the impact crusher is superior. why would you said this? Here are some of its specialties:

1. There are two modes of sand making and stone shaping

The impact crushing cavity can realize the mutual conversion of the two crushing modes of rock-on-rock and rock-on-iron.

2. Intelligently controlled thin oil lubrication system

Changing the traditional manual lubrication method, the lubrication and temperature are controlled by PLC and intelligent instruments.

3. Convenient maintenance

The automatic self-raising boom facilitates the maintenance of the impeller and the bearing barrel. At the same time, hydraulic jacks are used to lift and feed materials, which is very convenient for maintenance.

4. Low cost of use

The crushing process of impact crushing is relatively advanced, which can reduce wear resistance during the processing process, the relatively long service life of the wearing parts and the overall use cost of the equipment is low.

5. Good quality

The impact-breaking machine adopts casting material, the transmission part adopts a special sealing structure, and the bearing adopts imported material. The sealing and transmission performance of the whole equipment is relatively good.

6. Convenient maintenance

Equipped with a lifting device, the equipment can be overhauled and maintained at any time. The lower part of the machine body adopts a structural design, which can prevent the material from blocking the lower part due to excessive water content.

Energy saving and environmental protection generally involve the process, material, structure and other aspects of the equipment, which means that a good sand making machine can meet our needs for energy saving and environmental protection.