Eastman Rock Crusher

Eastman Rock Crusher

The Crushing & Recycling of Rock, Gangue and Construction Waste

The main raw materials of mobile crushing screens are rocks, ores, and solid construction waste resources. Mastering the characteristics of crushed materials allows us to be more confident in selecting equipment and maximize the efficiency of crushing and screening.


Rock for sand making

Sedimentary rockMetamorphic rockMagmatic rock
dolomite, limestonemarble, phyllitegranite, rhyolite
malmstone, calcareous rockslate, quartziteolivinite, diabase
shaleschist, gneissbasalt, gabbro
conglomerate, etcandesite, diorite, etc

The compressive strength of common rocks

Rock nameCompressive strength
Rock nameCompressive strength
Rock nameCompressive strength
andesite100-250gneiss50-200phyllite, schist10-100
dolomite80-250calcareous rock20-200  

Because of its good hardness and stable chemical properties, rock is often used as high-quality building materials and concrete raw materials, and is widely used in construction, roads, highways, railways, engineering and other fields.

crushing and screening

How to select the right crusher according to compressive strength?
how to select crusher