Eastman Rock Crusher

Strives To Be a National Green Factory

In recent years, the evaluation of national “green factories” in various regions has been launched, and the evaluation of “green factory” has begun to be standardized. As a highly creative and highly active manufacturing enterprises, Eastman is working hard to participate in the judging as a market test.

Creating a green factory is a strategic task proposed by Made in China 2025. It establishes a green factory evaluation system based on the principle of “factory intensification, raw material harmlessness, production cleanliness, waste recycling, and energy low carbonization”, aiming to establish industry benchmarks, guide and standardize more enterprises to implement green manufacturing. In turn, the industry will be optimized and upgraded to achieve horizontal development and vertical extension of the green industry chain.

According to this principle, it is basically confirmed that when the development of Eastman has changed from extensive to refined, it has embarked on the road of green manufacturing: on the one hand, the concept of green cleaning is applied to equipment, focusing on the production of green energy saving and consumption reduction. On the other hand, strictly abide by the environmental management system and energy management system, rationalize the layout of plant and machining lathes, streamline the processing steps, save raw material usage, and properly handle the discharged pollutants.

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