Eastman Rock Crusher

Eastman Rock Crusher

Engineering Procurement Construction


Engineering Procurement Construction covers the whole engineering projects’ process of design, procurement, construction and trial operation, and it is responsible for the quality, safety, cost and schedule of the contracted projects, so that customers can use it as soon as taking over the project. To a certain extent, this way releases users’ time and energy, and it is a reassuring turnkey project.

1. Excellent equipment is responsible for engineering quality

We will equip excellent main machine with advantages of high quality, reliable operation and intelligent control for the whole production line, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, mobile crushing station, grinding mill and so on. In addition, the company can also recommend good belt conveyor system, central control system, sewage treatment system, dust removal system and safety facilities.

2. Customized solution is responsible for project process

The programme involves all aspects. Liming Heavy Industry will design the project for users from an all-round point of view so as to make the operation process of the project scientific and reasonable. Specifically, it includes production line design, staffing, site planning, road laying, workshop office facilities, hydroelectric heating and ventilation scheme, environmental protection facilities, etc.

3. Professional team is responsible for rate of progress

Each project will be equipped with a professional technical team, and there is a project manager appointed to be fully responsible for the whole project. Specifically, he will be responsible for the progress tracking, construction safety and logistical support cooperated with designers, technicians, constructors, business personnel, negotiating staff, project assistants and security personnel.

Project Advantage

Simple process
Provide one-stop professional solutions to help customers who don’t know about the equipment and working process, so that the project positioning is more clear.

Efficiency improvement
Help customers select equipment and design programme to reduce pressure and investment costs.

Technical support
Control each link of the whole process and track the progress of the project. Check the quality of the project and timely discover problems and then solve them.

Rich experience
The company has more than 30 years of market experience, and possesses of strong technical strength and economic strength. There are many options to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price of EPC project higher than the normal production line's?

In fact, project design, technical guidance, personnel training and technical services are all free. The main charging items are about mainframe equipment, installation and commissioning, and personnel salary. The price is comparable to that of ordinary aggregate production line, but it will pay more attention to the user experience.

Can I visit the EPC case?

Sure, at present, four EPC projects of the aggregate crushing lines have been put into operation and five are under construction. There are also some EPC projects of the grinding line put into operation. You can make an appointment by leaving an online message. Our customer service staff will contact you in time.

I don't have any experience in choosing equipment. Can I invest in EPC projects?

Yes. In fact, a large part of the client of EPC project is the users who have no experience in equipment purchase. They want to invest in aggregate but have no experience. They need the guidance and assistance of professional team. Liming Heavy Industry has rich market experiences and professional crushing and grinding equipment, which can provide you with systematic solutions.

How about the after-sales service of EPC project?

EPC project not only controls every construction link in the construction cycle of the project, but also spends 1-2 months tracking the project although it has been put into operation. Aiming at the key projects, we will be always within call for helping customers solve technical difficulties.

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