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Causes and solutions of VSI sand making machine abnormal vibration

VSI sand maker is the most commonly used machine in the artificial sand making area, and in some production operate, there may occur some irregular or abnormal vibration of this machine and make your continual production got problems. So how can we find the reasons and solve this problem?

If you are familiar with the VSI sand machine, you should properly know that the rotor is the core component of the impact sand machine, and it is most likely to cause the vibration of the entire equipment for itself’s irregular vibration, so here are some causes of the irregular rotor vibration:

1. The motor shaft is not concentric with the rotor shaft

This reason is very easy to understand and you can quickly check it if you meet this situation. And the solution is to re-align the rotor to center again, also, remember that after checking the installation, make sure that the motor shaft and the rotor shaft are concentric.

2. The rotor bearing is damaged

If the bearing clearance exceeds the limit or the bearing is damaged, it will cause this violent vibration of the rotor and make the entire production got in trouble.

So, regular inspections are required during the use of sand maker, keep in mind that the bearing is a wearing part and it needs to be replaced regularly.

3. Unbalanced rotor

The unbalance of other components on the rotor will also cause the vibration, so you need to careful inspection and adjustment of the rotor balance. In order to prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance when the hammers are turned around, all the hammers in the crusher must be turned or replaced together, otherwise strong vibrations will occur during operation, and the weight difference between the two groups of hammers should not be more than 5g.

4. Material blockage

If the material feeding is blocked in production, you should dredge those materials in time. In order to prevent vibration caused by clogging of materials, the input specifications should be strictly controlled.

Large particles and unbreakable objects should not enter the crusher. And the water content of the material should be kept in mind at all times, It gradually condenses into large pieces and adheres to the inner wall of the machine. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause material blockage, so we should pay attention to the moisture of the feed.

In addition, there are many other reasons can also cause abnormal vibration of the VSI sand making machine:

5. The base foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose

When there is abnormal vibration in the sand making machine, first check whether it is caused by foundation and anchor bolts. If the foundation is not strong or the anchor bolts are loose, it will affect the stability of the machine.

At this time, it is necessary to check and tighten the bolts, and in the future use process, try to check whether the foundation or bolts are loose at intervals, and if there is any looseness, strengthen them in time.

6. Feed too much at a time or too large feeding material size

If the amount of feed exceeds the load of the sand making machine, the sand making machine cannot crush the materials in the crushing cavity in time, which causes the material to accumulate in the crushing cavity and produce abnormal vibration.

The amount of feeding material should be adjusted carefully, also uniform and continuous feeding are required.

When the material is too large, it will also cause abnormal vibration, so check the feed size to meet the requirements, and remove the material with abnormal particle size in time.

7. Spindle was bending

When the main shaft of the sand making machine is bent or deformed, it will also cause abnormal vibration.

In this case, the spindle needs to be replaced in time. Also, a regular examination is required.

8. Wear of wear parts

Except for the shaft part we noticed above, there are many other wearing parts inside the sand making machine.

For example, when the wear-resistant block of the sand making machine is worn out, it will cause the crushing process of the sand making machine to be blocked, thereby generating abnormal vibration. Therefore, it should be checked in time, and repair or replacement should be done in a time when it is found to be worn.

Abnormal vibration or irregular vibration is not only a problem encountered in sand making opportunities, but other stone crushing equipment will also appear, which is more common. So careful inspection is required during handling and production, especially notice that the abnormal vibration can be caused by the wearing or detachment of internal wearing parts.

If you still got a problem after checked these lists, please feel free to consult us, as we have lots of experienced engineers who are willing to help you.